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Chigwell Knife Kata – Jyu Nage Tanto Kata

The following pages describes the Chigwell ADS Jyu Nage Tanto Kata.

This Kata was developed and coached by Paul Jones as part of his 2nd to 1st Kyu grading syllabus and performed my Paul Dobson and Jarek as part of their 4th Kyu grading.

Techniques 1- 5             Techniques 6 – 10

The kata should be performed in a ‘flowing’ manner, with no pause or return to posture between attacks. All attacks should be fully committed and all techniques [except no 10] should be completed without final pins.

Changeover from Uke to Tori occurs at the 6th technique, i.e. Uke becomes Tori after receiving the 5th throw and stays on his knees to execute his 1st technique.

Final bow is from Seiza position – Uke has knife.


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