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Classic Kuzushi No Kata (Basic Six Movements / Beginners Kata)

Performed by Don Bishop and Kevin Honor

No      Attack                              Defence

1.        Shomen-Uchi.                  Irimi-Nage.
2.        Migi-Yokomen-Uchi.         Ude-Gaeshi.
3.        Hidari-Yokomen-Uchi.      Ushiro-Ate.
4.        Shomen-Uchi.                  Irim-Ude-Hineri.
5.        Shomen-Ate.                    Shiho-Nage.
6.        Shomen-Ate.                    Kote-Gaeshi (Reversed).


The video footage as shown here, was taken during the 1990s when Steve Sharpe, Steve Billett (who was injured so was behind the camera), Kevin Honor and Simon Clarke were training with Don Bishop at the Whittingham Youth Centre club in Walthamstow. Unfortunately for us Don Bishop did not perform all of the kata’s !!!!

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