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1    The organisation shall be known as the Aikido Development Society (ADS).

2   Object of the society shall be:-

  1. The study and practice of Tomiki Aikido.
  2. To develop the art.         
  3. The spread of knowledge of the art.

3   Membership of the ADS will be open to people who train under a recognized ADS Instructor.    

4  The annual subscriptions shall be decided by the Management Committee.
The financial year  of the ADS will end on the 31st March each year.                   

The society shall consist of the following Committees and appointments:-

  1.  Management Committee (MC).
  2. Technical Committee (TC). 
  3. Chief Instructor.


6a  The Management Committee      

  1. Shall consist of the executive Officers and one representative from each club.
  2. The MC shall be responsible for the administration and business of the Society.
  3. The first meeting in each calendar year shall be the A.G.M. All serving officers and appointees shall resign, but may stand again for election. At this meeting all Executive Officers shall be elected.
  4. Executive Officers of the MC :-
    Vice Chairman

6b  Duties of The MC

  1. To appoint officers for specific tasks as it may deem necessary.
  2. To appoint two representatives to the British Aikido Board.
  3. To abide by the constitution of the British Aikido Board.  


7a  Technical Committee       

  1. The Technical Committee will consist of a Chief Instructor (TC Chairman) who is appointed by the (MC) and three other Officers who wish to serve, all of whom must hold the minimum grade of 2nd Dan.
  2. In the event of more than four persons who are eligible wishing to serve on the TC there will be an election for these posts.
  3. Only 2nd Dan grades and above will be eligible to vote at such an election.
  4. The Chief Instructor may also be a member of the Management Committee. 
  5. The Chief Instructor if not a member of the MC may be asked to attend MC meetings for a specific purpose.
  6. The Technical Committee at its discretion may co-opt any qualified personnel on to the committee that it deems necessary.                   

7b  Duties       

  1. To standardise forms of practice within the styles of Aikido performed within the ADS.
  2. To reject techniques considered dangerous.
  3. To be responsible for the grading syllabus. Unless a group or club decides that they will follow an external syllabus that is recognised by the ADS. 
  4. To grade students to 1st Dan and above when requested by club coaches.  
  5. To organise training courses as it may deem necessary.
  6. To organise courses for inexperienced instructors through the British Aikido Board coaching system.
  7. To ensure that any junior syllabus conforms to the British Aikido Board safeguarding requirements                   

7c  Voting             

In the event of a deadlock in voting on TC matters the Chief Instructor shall have the casting vote.                  

8  Meeting         

  1. Meetings will take place as and when the MC may determine.
  2. A Special General Meeting will be called by the Secretary on receipt of a request signed by at least one third of the representatives of the MC.
  3. Any Special General Meeting will only be able to deal with business notified to the Secretary in writing and a copy of the Management Committee Members.
  4. There will be a minimum of one General Meeting each year.
  5. One month prior to a meeting the Secretary shall issue as agenda, where upon club representatives shall Agree/authorise the agenda and if desired  nominate a vote by Proxy.           


  1. An account for the ADS shall be opened at a branch convenient to the Treasurer. 
  2. Only one signature shall be required on cheques issued by the ADS.
  3. The signatory may be anyone of Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary.                   

10  Alterations to the Constitution             

No alterations may be made to the constitution except by a majority vote of not less than two-thirds of the members present and entitled to vote at any General Meeting.  

11  New Members          

Each new member upon joining the ADS should be advised to review the Constitution.

Approved by the ADS Management Committee 22 May 1993,
Reformatted for the website May 2004          

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