22 Jo Kata - Kobayashi Sensei Version  

The 22 Jo Kata is another of the Kata's that use the 20 Suburi developed by Sensi Saito, The counting may vary and sometimes a tsuki jodan geishi is a tsuki hayan geishi but there you have it.
Although this is performed very fast it is excellent 22 Step Jo Kata
This version shows both the solo and paired version of the kata 22 step Jo Kata Hiroaki (paired)
These two version are quite clear but are a little different.22 Step Jo Kata 22 Step Jo Kata Version a
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Solo 22 Jo Kata1-6

Start -1 Left posture.  
1-2 The 22 jo kata starts like 1-4 in the 31 jo kata but with 2 off shoku tsuki instead of keishi tsuki (each tsuki + jodan barai counts as one).  
3-4 Jodan geishi + renzouku uchi komi (like the 31 kata)  
5 Now ushiro tsuki (instead of turn + menuchi).  
6 Turn 180 degrees into right tsuki kamae + tsuki  

Solo 22 Jo Kata 7-13

7-8 Jodan geishi (or hayan geishi sometimes) + renzouku uchi komi (like 3-4)  
9 Jodan tsuki direct from last position (reversed grip)  
10 Turn 180 degrees into left tsuki kamae  
11 Tsuki from left tsuki kamae. hasso geishi direct to right tsuki kamae  
12 Tsuki jodan...  
13 ...geishi + let jo slide back to gedan geishi position on you left side...  

Solo 22 Jo Kata 14-22

14 From this position, in stead of gedan geishi like in 31 kata, do reverse jodan (freezing) tsuki to the throat (like 22 in 31 kata but from standing)  
15 Another jodan tsuki again from same position then down to right tsuki kamae  
16 Gedan tsuki (knee)  
17 Hayan gedan geishi then direct back down and go down on your knee (16-17 is like 19-21 in the 31 kata)..  
18 Stand up and gedan geishi against knee  
19 Reverse gedan stuki against knee from this position (like 13 but against knee) then back down to right tsuki kamae.  
20 Tsuki  
21 Then step back with left foot and do jodan barai (like the first block in 2nd kumijo) then back to left tsuki kamae  
22 And then left tsuki and penetrate your enemies floating ribs  
End Return to start position with Zanshin.